Who doesn't love shoes? We all have shoes, those beautiful things which help us cover our feet and match our clothing. Those beautiful things that get released all the time with small variations and new colors which people stand in line for. With the exception of religious or medical reasons, there's hardly any reason why one shouldn't like shoes, especially as there are different kinds. If you do not enjoy a specific variety, then you could always try out another until you find a pair of shoes you vibe most with. In summary, shoes are important, both as a fashion item and a part of everyday life.

Everyone, ideally, should have a proper pair of walking shoes. The importance cannot be overemphasized. When you have the right type of walking shoes, suited to you, you improve your walking technique and maintain a solid and correct way of walking which helps your posture in general, and furthermore, with the right type of walking shoes, you prevent injuries. Like most things in life, the process of walking safely requires its own tools, mostly in the form of shoes, and as with other activities that require tools, if one does not, for some reason, possess the right kind, various things can go wrong. .

As human beings, we are different in various big, or even small ways. Our eyes are different in shape, and size, our noses have different lengths and widths. The feet are not left out in this. When choosing walking shoes, one has to keep in mind, one's foot type, because it goes a long way in making sure your shoe is well suited to you and you avoid injuries and other problems.


The internal as well as external forces associated with the human body, as well as the various ways in which they affect those bodies, are referred to using the term, "Biomechanics". What this means is that any movement you make, with your foot, for instance, while walking, has an effect on other parts of the body as well. Your shoes are required to adequately support your heels and your arches because if that is not well catered to, then the foot's range of motion will be limited, which is not a good thing. If your feet are held back from working properly, as they are supposed to, then other body parts need to pick up the slack and that results in overcompensation.

This act of overcompensation usually results in pains in places like the ankles, heels, knees, lower back, and hips. When one suffers from pain in these different joints, matters can get aggravated further, leading to weakness and more suffering.


When you walk, your speed, the distance you walk comfortably, and your endurance, are all affected by the type of shoes you have on. If you are comfortable while walking, you tend to walk longer distances at a stretch, because no one wants to walk for a good length of time while suffering from serious pain. Each foot might not have the same dimensions, so your shoes need to cater to those differences. Your walking routine will be successful, comfortable and healthy, with the right walking shoes. Some people think the process involved in getting the right shoes, is complex or tasking, but in reality, it is actually none of those things and is rather easy to do. In most reputable shoe shops, one can easily get an analysis of one's feet as well as advice on the perfect shoe for you based on the results, from professionals

Conversely, you could also visit a podiatrist who will analyze and find out the type of feet you have, and how to match each foot to a good shoe based on their specific needs. The requirements of your arches as well as what you need for adequate heel support are the two things that these professionals usually take into account in order to advise you properly on the type of shoes to get for yourself. COST Now that we've gone through the processes involved in selecting the right shoes as well as the benefits and things to be taken into account, we will now move on to the cost of these proper shoes. Usually, buying this proper footwear can be a bit expensive. If these shoes are custom made for your specific foot type, then you may be required to pay a bit more. However, when you put this price beside the one you would have to pay if you suffer from injuries as a result of using improper shoes, it becomes more than worth it. When you have proper shoes, your entire body functions properly when you are on the move. This simply means that the price is necessary if you consider the health benefits as well as how much pain and expenses you would potentially be saving yourself from.



If you intend to avoid occasional pain and injury, then it is important to change your shoes regularly. The AAPMR (American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) advice that shoes should be replaced every 6 months or so, or after they have gone through 350 to about 400 miles.


The part of the shoe located between the bottom and upper parts is known as the midsole. Various elements like weather, weight and the terrain walked on can decrease the utility of this midsole.


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